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Albion Stone Receives First DT160

Doosan national partner, Rushlift, has secured a deal to supply, Albion Stone, the UK’s leading mine operator and manufacturer of Portland Stone with a state-of-the-art high capacity telescopic handler, the DT160.

The new equipment will be based in Jordans mine, Portland, and used to extract stone from the underground mining operation beneath the local Cricket Club’s pitch.

The sale of the DT160 first came about when Albion Stone recognised their previous equipment was not meeting their growing material handling needs. The planned introduction of a second mining machine to the operation later in the year, has prompted investment which will enable Albion Stone to maintain good output of top quality Portland Stone from the mine.

After being made aware of the 16 tonne machine, Albion Stone were given the opportunity to see the equipment and meet the Doosan team at the popular logistics event, IMHX. The event also gave Rushlift the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate the truck’s unique features and benefits. 

The telescopic handler, which can operate with either forks or a bucket, is fitted with a number of special adaptations for safe working in the mine, including an in-built fire suppression system for the engine and a catalytic converter to process exhaust gasses.

Dan White, engineering manager at Albion Stone, was impressed with the product from the start, and realised the versatility of the machine was ideal for their mining requirements.

Said Dan: “We were delighted with the equipment from the word go, it was great to be given the opportunity to try it out. We were particularly pleased with the tele-handlers stability and all round visibility. We are able to work more efficiently, faster and continue to provide our customers with the high quality products and service that make us the UK’s leading Portland Stone mine operator.”

Once in situ at the Portland mine, one of the most productive dimensioned stone mines in the UK, the truck proved it was ideally suited to their material handling needs and a deal was soon established.

Rushlift’s Area Sales Manager Andrew Gazzard emphasised Rushlift’s commitment to supplying the right equipment for the right job.

Said Andrew: “We recognised that Dan’s team had a specific need that their current products were not providing. They wanted a product that was strong, tough and reliable and suitable for the particular demands of their environment. Because of its 4 wheel steering and excellent all-round visibility and toughness, the DT160 was an excellent choice, being ideally suited to working within the confines of an underground operation.”

Versatile and reliable, the new Doosan telehandler series provides exceptional performance, and unmatched capabilities for handling heavy material loads up to 21 tonnes, whilst maintaining the agility normally associated with a smaller forklift truck.

Due to the attention to detail that has been taken in the products design and efficiency the DT160 also guarantees optimum reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Albion’s Dan White also drew attention to Rushlift’s hard work in bring the deal to fruition. Dan Concluded: “Rushlift were very diligent in catering towards our needs. They took the time to listen to what we wanted and were able to provide us with the product that did just what we had asked for – needless to say we are very pleased.”

Rushlift is a leading provider of innovative materials handling solutions, with over 100 mobile engineers servicing customers from Aberdeen to Cornwall. As part of the Specialist Hire Group, Rushlift has experienced phenomenal growth over the past five years and was recently voted one of the UK’s fastest growing companies.

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