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Boxing Clever

Lydney Containers, manufacturers of steel accommodation, storage units and modular buildings, have already made a big impact with local Doosan dealer, On3. Some of Doosan’s largest trucks are now in action at their extensive Gloucestershire operations.

Having put two 15 tonne trucks into service, the company continued to choose On3  three years later, when their need for further machines became clear. Lydney’s Andrew Burrow, explained why the company needed a tough truck. Said Andrew: “Our products are built to withstand a great deal. Although more familiar as storage units, containers like ours are often fully fitted out as offices, toilet/shower blocks, even canteens. The result is they are sturdy but heavy, occasionally weighing in at up to 8,000kg.”

Lydney Containers have been manufacturing steel anti vandal units since 1986, and has also been producing modular buildings since 2004. The company has always been innovative, in so far as product development is concerned and developed the ‘lock and leave’ door locking system, concealed hinges on doors and a window shutter system operable from the inside. In 1997, the company opened a factory in the north which has recently relocated to an 84,000 sq ft facility in Skelmersdale, where Doosan trucks are also in operation. In 2000, the company expanded further by acquiring the assets of Steelspace in Lydney, thus significantly increasing production capacity in the South West.

On3 Sales Director, Rob Jefferies, was responsible for supplying the latest two D70S models, complete with digital weighing scales and PIN code operator access systems, adding to a number of Doosan machines  already in operation.

Said Rob: “We undertook a detailed analysis of the whole operation and arranged site visits to make sure we knew exactly what was required. Having seen the capabilities of the truck, we were confident that the trucks could make a real difference at Lydney. This time it was all about adding new mid-range trucks that could add further flexibility to the operation, without being a burden on the operators or the bottom line.”

When the original 15 tonnes capacity trucks went into operation the results were pretty immediate, according to Lydney’s Andrew Burrow: “We needed to handle increasingly heavier container and modular building designs for our growing customer base,” concludes Andrew, “and now we have the capability and confidence to do so. In fact, these trucks have saved us money.

We’ve been able to reduce our fleet by a further four machines, so we are very grateful to the work of Rob and the team at On3.” And so with business continuing to grow, Lydney turned again to On3 and Doosan for their latest needs. Said Rob: “The new Doosan Pro-5 models were ideal for the job. In addition to the features that Lydney had become accustomed to – longer-lasting oil cooled disc brakes, powerful engines and 3 year warranty – the latest models also add OSS, Doosan’s award-winning Operator Sensing System, ergonomic operator cockpit unit and excellent visibility. Plus there are dual drive tyres for added stability and manoeuvrability.”

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